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An independent voice for you.
Thank you for visiting my website. 

As a fifth generation South Dakotan, I am committed to making Sioux Falls a desirable place to raise a family and conduct business. 
I believe that now is the time for me, and other working and stay-at-home mothers, to let our voices be heard.

My family is my number one priority, and I am confident that South Dakota is the best possible state to raise a family. The greatest lessons I have learned have been from watching South Dakotans make a positive difference. I look forward to continuing to make a positive difference and collaborating with each of you.

Let your voice be heard!


• Christine is committed to improving and maintaining our roads.

• Christine supports small business owners and believes that Sioux Falls needs to protect their right to compete and thrive in today’s market place.​

• Christine supports responsible spending and small government. She will work to find ways to save taxpayers’ money by eliminating irresponsible spending and borrowing.

• Christine pledges to promote economic development and good paying jobs.
• Christine believes in smart, sensible government. She believes in empowering self governing.

• Christine encourages strong local law enforcement on streets and within our schools. With a safe community kids get better educated and businesses feel comfortable with the growth.
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P.O. Box 88045, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57109